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Image Copyright

This Image Copyright page was last updated on March 03, 2024 and applies worldwide.

1. Where are the pictures on the landing page and at the personality tests from, who created or edited them?

Several stock images are from pexels, free commercial license applies. The founder of this site designed or rearranged all the images at the landing page (with the slug “home”) and on tests pages (with the slug “tests” and also test results) with art filters or effects in photoshop. This is covered with the license. Copyright of ALL pictures on Realmance are Copyright Realmance, except those pictures that are posted by members. The images depicting people are a combination of mrcutout free license and pexels free commercial license.
If you find any violation of copyright let us know, so we can review it and remove and replace it accordingly if needed.

2. Pictures posted by members

We try our best to respect copyright and will remove any violation against it. However, we at Realmance are not liable for what our members post, we do our best to remove images that could be harmful in any way. The safety of our members and respect for copyright is very important to us.