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About Us

Planned, designed and built by Emanuel Kern since December 2023. 

Why Realmance?

The founder of Realmance, Emanuel,

got years of studying pedagogics at university under his belt,

he experimented with the effects of communication and did years of self-reflection,

he researched and applied self-taught psychology for over 10 years,

he carefully studied people from afar and even moved into the mountains to analyze social dynamics while living like a monk.

He has been analyzing and trying out various communities since 2004, was even uploading small phpbb forums to FTP when he was just 14:  He experienced and participated in the very early days of online communities and dating platforms in the 2000s as a teenager and young adult.

Since 2014, he tested out nearly every modern dating site and app and several forums on the market and wrote down his impressions and observed the changes over the years.

Most recently he researched the effect of brain functions on personality and compatibility coupled with behaviour based on survival insticts, inspired by the biologist Desmond Morris’ works.

After being active in communities that compare personality-tests to real live examples and testing out and reflecting on the effects of social networks on people, both online and offline, Emanuel came to the realization, that focus on personality made the most sense – on the real people behind the masquerade of todays social media and not on packaging or solely on fulfilling needs, but on genuine liking and understanding the different nuances of people.

He has built up his projects from nothing, without funding, doing everything himself, without loans or investors with around 10€-100€ per month out of his own pocket.

Bringing it all together. It’s time for a change.

Realmance was created in response and as an antithesis to the inhumane, superficial dating sites with a throwaway mentality, discrimination against the unvaccinated and those who think differently, ghosting, the negative effects social media and usual dating sites have on people, hypergamy (exaggerated demands on the opposite sex), gender division and the prevailing lobbyism of large dating platforms as well as fake babble or politically correct follower mentality on alternative platforms. Those problems get not fixed by the usual social network or dating site, but those plattforms make them even worse.


Through a matching system that used to exist on other dating platforms and that brought suitable people together, people can find each other based on similar point of views. Personality tests are included that can promote empathy and bring individuals together that function the same way and thus, finally feel not mistunderstood, but seen and much more.

People who really want to make a difference for a better world and don’t just want to control others need a platform, if you are one of those, we warmly welcome you to use our platform for this.

We believe the right people can appreciate each other again and it does not have to be this way as it is. Realmance is our answer.